Monday, April 28, 2008

Paul Verhaeghen in The Low Countries

(Paul Verhaeghen in Antwerp, spring 2006. Copyright Koen Broos)

The Low countries 16, the latest yearbook on arts and society in Flanders and the Netherlands, publishes an interesting article on Paul Verhaeghen's prose: Lichtenberg and Omega minor. In this essay, 'Authenticity is fiction', Sven Vitse writes: 'In the work of Paul Verhaeghen, reality is not something you can count on or something the existence of which you can assume to be self-evident. [...] Omega minor is an ambitious, encyclopaedic novel that penetrates to the core of the traumatic twentieth century - the century of the atom bomb and the holocaust.' Read more at the site of Ons erfdeel.

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