Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cut Loose - the movie, based upon the novel by Tom Naegels

(Still from the movie Cut Loose.)

The movie Cut Loose is based on the awardwinning novel by Tom Naegels. Cut Loose was selected for the Montréal World Film Festival, where it was received with a lot of enthousiasm.

Cut Loose tells the story of Tom, an idealistic young journalist, who is about to settle down with his girlfriend when his life and views are shaken up by beautiful Pakistani refugee Nadia. At work, his ideals are challenged by the harsh reality of modern urban society, while his flamboyant grandfather fights his last personal battle – a battle for his right to die. Cut Loose is a funny, heartfelt and emotional film about very serious issues. It is the first comedy made in Belgium about euthanasia and the confusions of the multicultural society.

The Belgian premiere of the movie is set for september 11. Do visit www.losdefilm.be for more info. The site also features a very nice trailer.

Meulenhoff/Manteau has released a special edition of Cut Loose.

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