Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Dutch translation of Henry Bauchau's Le Boulevard périphérique will be published by Meulenhoff/Manteau

(Henry Bauchau, acclaimed author of Le boulevard périphérique, which was described by Libération as 'un roman qui éclaire le royaume des ombres'.)

Meulenhoff/Manteau has acquired the Dutch rights for Henry Bauchau's novel Le boulevard périphérique. Earlier this year the novel won Le Prix du Livre Inter 2008, an important French literary award. Suddenly, Bauchau, aged 94, became a bestselling author.

Le boulevard périphérique is written as initiatory journey through love and death. While taking care of his stepdaughter, who suffers from cancer, the narrator is haunted by his memories of World War II.

Henry Bauchau was born in Mechelen (Belgium) and made a career as psychoanalyst and writer. He lives in Paris.

Le boulevard périphérique, and Bauchau's other work, is published by Actes Sud.

To learn more on Bauchau, do read this article in Le Nouvel Observateur.

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