Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Terug naar Walden (Return to Walden) on Libris shortlist

Money doesn’t make you happy, unless your name is Ruler Marsh. He is untouchable, a money-grubber in a merciless world. Ruler Marsh and his family once suffered grievous wrongs. Today, Ruler is old. He is also the richest man in the world and he takes revenge by making banks fall like dominoes. Until one day, he is the one to be undermined.

Ruler Marsh’s wanderings in Walter van den Broeck's Terug naar Walden (Return to Walden) have conquered a place among the last five nominees for the Libris Literature Award 2010.

The prize is awarded on 10 May at the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam.

Walter van den Broeck is one of the main writers of the Dutch language. Last month, Meulenhoff
Manteau published a new, revised edition of his classic Brief aan Boudewijn (Letter to Baudouin).

The press on Terug naar Walden:

‘The first great novel about the crisis.’
De Standaard

‘Terug naar Walden is a highly imaginative mix of a heimat story, an adventure novel and dystopian literature. A wonderful book.’

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